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    manuel muerte
    Manuel Muerte's magic is more than Entertainment. It can be used for your corporation and your products. Be it a trade show presentation, your client party, seminar or product launch - Manuel Muerte creates a concept for your event and has contact to other suitable artists.

    There are numerous ways to add magic to your event:

    - For the VW Coaching Management Forum - a meeting of the Volkswagen Group international management - an act was needed to sum up and finish off the topics in an entertaining way. Together with "die Plebsbüttel" Manuel Muerte developed a 50 minute programme of magic and comedy specially for this event. For example a small VW Beetle turned into a bigger model to express the topic "Transformation".

    - At the presentation of the newest Harry Potter volume, Manuel Muerte performed a show inspired by its content. At the end of the performance the new book was introduced.

    - At an firm seminar Manuel Muerte acted as an employee from the controlling department, who in the end turned out to be a magician.

    - At a 20s mafia-style motto party, Manuel Muerte not only acted as a cardsharper and played with the guests, but also arranged a circle of other artists for the evening.

    - For a cigarette promotion campaign, Manuel Muerte acted as a palmist in a lovingly decorated caravan. He combined product placement with esotericism and magic. At the end of his act, the P&S logo appeared in a crystal ball.

    -In the course of a PR-campaign, Manuel Muerte played "magical guide" for a group of journalists on a trip to Oslo.