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    manuel muerte
    Experience Close Up Magic in perfection.

    This close up show combines irreverent comedy and brilliant magical skills. Courteous but forward, Manuel Muerte performs magic with cigars, banknotes, white mice and a whole lot more.

    Manuel Muerte asks one of the guests for a 50 euro note. The guest signs it and Mr Muerte burns it right before her eyes. To pacify the angered owner, Manuel Muerte offers her a glass of champagne. Suddenly the banknote reappears inside the champagne cork. And yet at the same time, the bottle is full and properly corked. It now makes a nice a gift for the owner of the banknote.

    Manuel Muertes Close Up Performance finished in silver medal position at the World Championships of Magic 2000 in Lisbon. He has performed close up shows at many variety theatres, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Festspielhaus Salzburg, in Las Vegas and even on Japanese TV.