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    manuel muerte
    See astonishing magic being performed right before your eyes. Manuel Muerte doesn`t need a stage, he just needs an audience. Sitting, standing or strolling - Manuel Muerte likes being watched closely. With his sense of humour and his open nature, he creates a relaxed athmosphere, breaks the ice or makes waiting at the buffet a pleasure. Manuel Muertes performance is tailor-made to suit your event, but is not dependent on its schedule. Your guests will have a lot to talk about!

    Picture your guests sitting at the dinner table. Manuel Muerte appears. He transforms 10 euro notes into 100, makes toys come to life, pulls objects out of ears and allows signed playing cards to reappear on the ceiling. The audience is not only watching - they are part of the show.

    Close Up Magic is magic in its purest form. The Close Up Magician does not rely on a safety net or trap-door. His tools are dexterity and emphathy. Accordingly Close Up Magic is a guarantee for a spontaneous and unique performance.