messe show

    Manuel Muerte draws attention.

    Based on your communication strategy, Manuel Muerte develops custom-made infotainment for your trade show exibition and acts as an entertaining interface between exhibitor and potential customer. His trade show magic is an effective and cost-effective way of demonstrating the benefits of your products.

    Special requirements like aquiring addresses, magical give-aways, interviews, presentations and theme-related magic tricks can be fit easily into the performance.

    But Manuel Muerte does not only draw attention to your trade show booth. Upon request, he also entertains customers awaiting a sales conversation, performs for regular customers and other VIPs or presents your product.

    Some Examples:

    Client: CPI


    To explain secure network solutions. No precautions for a stage or PA system taken. Nevertheless the client wants attention drawn to his exhibit.

    The solution:

    Manuel Muerte filters the passers-by by addressing them directly. He performs magic tricks theme-related to the contents of the communication strategy of CPI. He opens a wallet that suddenly bursts into flames: "Are you interested in some hot news about harddrives". He closes and reopens the wallet. Now it is full of banknotes. "You can save a lot of money". The interested spectator is now referred to the specialists at the booth.
    Every hour a crowd builds around Manuel Muerte's magic performance. During his 10 minute show, he borrows a ring and slips it on a padlock which he then secures. A champagne glass containing five keys is presented. Four members of the audience choose one key each. The owner of the ring takes the remaining key. Now every participant tries his key, but only the key of the owner opens the lock. At this point, the parallel to the security concept is drawn: 'Only authorised users have access'.

    Client: Nestlé

    The task:

    To interest visitors in a cooking demonstration inside the booth.

    The solution:

    With his Close Up Magic, Manuel Muerte attracts the attention of passers-by. In the course of the show, he borrows a signed 5 euro note from a spectator. The banknote vanishes mysteriously. He now announces the demonstration and leads the audience into the booth. The cook gives Manuel Muerte a bag of lemons. The owner of the banknote is asked to choose one fruit from the bag. Astonishingly, he finds his bill inside the lemon. Now all is set to go for the cooking demonstration.

    And what is your task?